Notes are quick posts, useful when you want to share a quick thought, images, or a link to an external website without writing an article. Notes will appear in your followers' feeds, and can be liked and commented on. 

Basic formatting

  • Ctrl/Cmd+B: bold
  • Ctrl/Cmd+I: italic
  • Ctrl/Cmd+U: underlined

Hitting Enter inserts a new paragraph by default. If you want to insert a single newline instead, hit alt+enter.

Link pasting & embedding

When you paste a link in your note, Lexic automatically fetches a rich preview of the target page. If you do not want to display it on your note, simply hit the (X) on the upper right corner of the preview.
If however you leave the preview in, you can remove the actual link from the text of your note, and the preview will still be saved. 

Upload images

You can upload up to 4 images to your note, from the following formats: jpg, gif, png. Each of them should have a maximum size of 1MB. They will be displayed in a tiled gallery along your note. Viewers can also click on the images to display them full size. 

You can have both uploaded images and a link embed in the same note. 

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