To get started, click on the "New Article" button on the top-right, in your blog section of the Manager.

Step 1: choose a title and URL

The title doesn't need to be definitive. You can edit it later, even after publication.
The URL is the address you will find your article at after you publish it, hence it needs to be unique (you can't have two pages at the same address).
Once you fill in the title, a URL will be automatically generated, but you can customize it until you publish your article.

Step 2: edit your article

Content: simply start typing ;) The body content of your article is automatically saved every 2 minutes. Use our powerful editor to format your text, and add images or embeds.
Cover: drag and drop an image, or click the cover box to upload a cover for your article.
Tags: you can add up to 5 tags to your article. If you haven't created any yet, just type in a tag and hit Enter, it will be created on the fly.
Description: in the description tab (shown at the very top of this screenshot), you can edit the short summary of your content that will appear in various feeds across Lexic. Or, leave it blank and it will show the first few words instead.

Step 3: publish your article

At any time, you can preview your article, as it would publicly appear. If you want to keep it as a draft for now and go back to writing later, hit Save. Once you're satisfied with your article, it's time to share it with the world. Hit the Publish button, and your article will be instantly published.

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