The Manager contains all the tools to:

  • Track & measure the impact and engagement of your content.
  • Create & customize a blog, and create articles.
  • Set and customize your public author profile, privacy preferences and account settings.


The dashboard combines all the important information about how other Lexic members and visitors interact with your content: views, comments, likes, and new followers/subscribers.

For each section, you'll see the total number (in black), and the progression for the period show (in green). Click on any of the three sections shown above to display detailed graphs.
You can display these metrics however precisely you want, from and to any date, and choose to present either daily, weekly or monthly.

Blog management

Once you've created your blog, you will see a new link in the main menu, pointing to the dedicated section of the manager.

In this section, you can: 

  • Create, edit and publish articles.
  • Create and organise tags to categorize your articles.
  • Setup and customize your blog's public profile settings.

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