Lexic automatically keeps track of changes in your article's content. Every time you hit 'Save', we create an internal version. In the future, you'll be able to easily revert to a previous version within the editor.

Article life-cycle

From the moment you start writing, up until you hit "Publish" the first time, your article is considered a draft. This means it's visible only to you, and will not appear anywhere public on Lexic. 

Once you publish it, your article will immediately appear in the Explore page, visible to everyone, and in the home feed of people who follow you, or are subscribed to your blog.

When you update your article: 

  • Followers/subscribers will see that your article has been updated in their home feed (if they choose to see article updates in their feed).
  • All visitors will be able to see previous published versions of your article, as a matter of transparency.

Publishing actions overview

Before you publish your article:

  • Save : if you want to keep your article as a draft, and work on it later before publishing it, it the Save button. 
  • Publish : when you are ready to share your article with the world, hit Publish. The article in its current state (you don't need to save before) will be published on Lexic. 

After you publish your article: 

  • Save : will save your changes as an updated draft, without changing the published version. 
  • Update : will update the published, visible article with your changes. 
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