Title & URL

When you first choose a title for your article, a URL (the address where it will be published) is automatically generated. Until you first publish the article, you can also customize the URL to your liking. Just click on the URL to edit it. If you change the title, the URL will be updated automatically.

Please note: once your article is published, you can no longer change the URL.


The editor comes with a comprehensive array of formatting options. To format text, simply highlight it, and a toolbar will pop near it. 

Aside from text styles, you can also use the quick add option. When you hit Enter, or place your cursor on an empty paragraph, a (+) button will appear on the left.  Use it to quickly insert an image, or embed a link (see below). 

Pro-tip: the editor also features keyboard shortcuts. For instance, Ctrl/Cmd+B for bold text, Ctrl/Cmd+i for italics, Ctrl/Cmd+k to add a link. You can see the full list of shortcuts with the ? button on the right of the toolbar. 

Adding content

  • Images: use the image button on the toolbar/quick add to select a file from your computer, or simply drag an image into the editor. Please note: uploaded images must be in either JPG, PNG or GIF format, and below 2MB.
  • Embedded content: use the embed button from the toolbar/quick add, and paste the link from the content you wish to import. We support over 400 types of embeddable content, including major video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) music, and photo providers. For other websites, a large preview will be displayed instead.
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